PROMPT: fairy tales #300DaysOfFlashWriting

Once upon a time

in a land not far from here

a girl cried in her bedroom

feeling sad and stuck and fear

she was sick of eating porridge

brushing her long blonde hair

her life was all work and no play

it just didn’t feel fair!

she found it in her mother’s drawer

a shiny needle, sharp and clean

she slid it in her pocket

and left the room, unseen

she stabbed her little finger

and it sent her off to sleep

down she fell, through the well

dark and damp and deep

she was pulled out by a hairy claw

she heard whispers in her ear

my name is Wolf, I’ll be your guide

take my hand, my dear.

He led her through the forest

taught her all there was to know

about flowers and trees and empty space

and then she asked to go

you can go home later, he growled

claws digging into her hand

she wanted her mother, she wanted her house

she said I don’t understand.

his eyes were no longer kind

they burned into her skin like fire

he said he was hungry, she said no, please

as he touched her with desire

her body was scratched and bleeding

as she wept beneath the trees

he said she was too thin for consumption

and he left her on her knees.

She screamed through the forest

Howls of wolves filled the night

Then she found a little clearing

where the moon shone, warm and bright

holding her knees close to her chest

she snoozed and dreamed of home

sat by the fire with her mother

no longer all alone

she awoke to the sound of birds

and her mother’s voice, calm and sweet

she could smell hot porridge and honey

she went downstairs to eat.

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