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Updated: Oct 2, 2021

Coming home from school, aged nine. Listening to Viva Forever by the Spice Girls while eating cream cheese on crumpets, pining over a boy at school, every word making sense to me, a child.

My tenth Birthday. A CD. A present from Mum and Dad. Pure Shores, by All Saints. Lying in bed, dreaming of beaches and Leonardo Dicaprio and jumping in the sea and finding love. Still listening, even when dreams of love later became fractured. Confusing.

Aged twelve, dancing in my bedroom with Hol. listening to Foo Fighters and Nelly Furtado and Travis and Goldfrapp. Sipping on tequila stolen from the kitchen cupboard. The screechy, indie sounds of Manic Street Preachers on my Discman, when I was in pain, when I couldn’t open my eyes, when my periods started and I felt disgusting.

Mum giving me the Enjoy the Silence record on my thirteenth Birthday. Some level of understanding between us. Can’t you understand, oh my little girl? Driving through sunny Pennsylvania listening to Summer Of 69 by Bryan Adams, looking out for bears through the gaps in the forest. Nelly’s Hot in Herre and The Logical Song at a school disco. Everyone dancing. Glittery dresses. Eyeliner. White eyeshadow. High ponytails. Sipping Smirnoff Ice when the teachers weren’t looking.

Dido’s No Angel album. Listening to Eminem and TuPac through the tape player in Dad’s car. Sam singing Stan at karaoke aged seven in Greece. Hang With Me by Robyn, sisterly love.

The Zoo Bar. There’s Nothing I Won’t Do. Vomit in the toilets. Dancing. Hooped earrings. Short skirts. Up and down. Sad. Moments where everything was ok.

Newquay, our first trip away without parents. We were free. Still trapped. Hips Don’t Lie -Shakira Shakira. Set You Freeeeeee. All Night Long playing on the radio in the taxi on the way home. Singing our hearts out. Husky voices from all the smoking. Friendship.

Falling in love, Neyo’s Because of You playing in the background to all the romantic moments. I’m Not Missing You by Stacy Orrico and The Corrs’ I Never Really Loved You Anyway playing through my headphones at the end.

Driving in the car with my best friend, Hot Chip’s Sexual Healing on full volume. We knew so much. We knew so little. We could take on the world. Infinity. Here's my key. relax.

Kitchen dancing. Matisyahu and Erikah Badu and The Corrs and Robyn. Angry neighbours shouting at us for making a racket. Giggling as we hid behind the kitchen counters, drunk on love and friendship and Mum’s Jack Daniels.

University. Music that sank through your flesh and your bones and made your whole body vibrate. Listening to Fleetwood Mac and The XX with friends in the early hours of the morning. Glow in the dark stars on the ceiling. Photographs of friends and family and travels all over the walls.

A new love. A new soundtrack. Wicked Game, James’ Sometimes, listening to Stone Roses and Tracy Chapman. Chocolate croissants. Cup of tea.

Music for our travels. Life! By Des’ree. I’d rather fly around the world, on a beautiful balloon. Perfect. Coming home.

Music that made me love the bean in my tummy. You’ve been so good to me, you’re my consolation. Knowing I could never let him go. Making the right choice.

Lockdown. Gigs stopped, but music didn’t. Every day, running for miles. Listening to all my favourite old songs. Some new ones too. Watching I May Destroy You and rediscovering Babycakes. On repeat.

Saying goodbye. Let’s go Fly A Kite. Little Drummer Boy on the Ukelele. Dad’s voice breaking. Grandma singing along.

Fun. Journeys to cricket. Listening to Scatman and Blue Da Ba Dee with Seb and Seren. Music on full volume. Their faces full of glee. Sun, burning through the windows. More, please. More.

The last week of work. Dreams by The Cranberries. I can do this. I can take risks.

Now. Walking in the sunshine. Saying farewell to summer, listening to these songs again. And more. Remembering.

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