Ice Cream for Evelyn

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Today I experienced my 88-year-old, anti-ice cream campaigner nan eat an ice cream for the first time in my life. She took little persuasion and quickly chose passion fruit and mango flavour, we ate our creamy coned delights in the gale-force winds that persisted to try and hurl little nan and her ice cream into the raging sea.

She’s a self-proclaimed novice to ice cream eating, so didn’t quite grasp the tactic of licking it quickly around the edges. She ended up with freezing, sticky fingers and melted ice cream dripping from her toothy grin down her chin. It was like watching a baby eat chocolate for the first time - blissfully happy, messy, everything just perfectly out of control.

Did you like it? I asked her at the end.

No darling. It was too sweet. Let’s never talk of it again.

Whatever nana xx

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